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The last news on Google’s AdWords expansion, it was about AdWords Print Edition. Now it seems that Google will be trying its hand next in Radio, by delivering ads in the broadcasts, as Google looks set to buy a radio ad company called dMarc Broadcasting Inc. The purchase price of New Beach, California, based company is estimated at about $1.2 billion. Under the deal, which was announced few hours ago, Google will be paying $102 million in cash & about $1.14 billion over the next three years provided that the performance targets meet, like product integration, net revenue and advertising inventory targets.

dMarc creates a platform that lets advertisers schedule & deliver ads over radio & even keep track as to when they are on air. Its technology takes care of placing ads in the radio broadcast, thus minimising radio station’s hassles as well.

So this technology of dMarc will obviously be integrated into Google’s AdWords program, as Google’s VP of advertising sales, Tim Armstrong, said that Google is committed to exploring new ways to extend targeted, measurable advertising to other forms of media.

Story on: Yahoo! News, c|net