Windows Live Mail sucks, literally!!

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  1. The biggest problem is that with every e-mail I send out, I’m sending an advertisement too. Does there have to be an advertisement tacked on to the bottom of every e-mail I send? And it’s not just Hotmail that does it. Yahoo does it too. I’m not sure about Gmail since I’ve never tried it.

    Yahoo does it & so does Windows Live Mail, Gmail doesn’t do it at the moment but they quite possibly start doing it after sometime! They provide you a service for which they don’t charge you directly, so they earn via ads. Its upto the individual as to whats acceptable & whats not! ๐Ÿ™‚

    If you were running a website which provides something to people & were earning via ads, I don’t think you would come out in the favour of blocking ads nor would you be suggesting these kinds of ideas to people. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Hotmail live sucks.
    Today I could not believe my eyes when after hitting the button send after writing a message .., I got the following message from hotmal.

    The server is busy . Try again later.

    In other words . They did not sent my mail.

  3. HI , Its been now more than 2 monthes sending and recieving emails from microsoft tech support team to solve my problem with Windows live mail . and still nothing happened i wasted time by replying back and wasted time by reading their help. till now ….. can u believe it . i can view all my folders attached to my email account but once i click on any email this what i get :
    Email can not be viewed. plese try again later.
    really i never saw stupidity like this.

  4. I just got done writing a comment on someone else’s site about Windows Live eMail, S U C K ing … I’ve been using computers since the Texas Instruments 99/4A computer came out, and this is by far the worse eMail client yet. Just the fact that you can’t manipulate the source code anymore eliminates several types of eMails you can send, or you have to alter the look and feel drastically. If you can’t edit the html inside the eMail, you can’t put images where YOU want to put them anymore, rather than the software doing what it wants. Do note that Windoes Live eMail’s been out for quite awhile and this is March 2008… within 5 minutes after installing it, I realized it sucked. At least Windows Mail lets you see the source code and change it if so desired. However, I quit using it because the Deleted Items folder kept getting corrupted.


  5. Windows Live Mail is a piece of crap. Not even a feature to flag messages that I can find. I also sent a photo and there was no copy in the sent box so I don’t know if it was sent or not. The fonts are so tiny I can hardly anything.

    A total piece of crap IMO.

  6. this live mail sucks!!! here we are again waisting time messing with a program that works worse the the one before. I can not even access mail from icon desktop without getting the blue screen of death!!! I have to go through the msn site to read mail. Going in that way you have less of the options to use. And Bill still makes money!!! I liked outlook express better

  7. Hotmail Live Help SUCKS!!!!!!! I get most of my messages with a small error message next them which reads: This message may be dangerous Click here to find out more. Clicking the link brings up a blank page in Live help and when you input the same phrase in help you get 0 topics found. What’s even funnier is that when you input the Hotmail you get 0 topicsz found.
    Someone at Live help needs to get fired. Who did they sleep with to get their job in the first place? There are no security sections in Hotmail to allowyou to choose to see html content and rely on your virus program to block out attachments and virused pictures. Mainly I just think that the help program should give me a detailed explanation of why the pictures and rich text are blocked.

  8. Anyone else having a problem with Live mail, when sending and inserted Picture to multi people using cc and or bcc? I send from live email then also read it in live email but all I get is the coding but not the pic. Reminds me of the old days when one could not read email and see pictures from AOL and Compuserve clients in Microsfot programs! All you got was a garbled mess!

  9. It’s really bad. Always freeze my computer. Every click means taking forever to loading the stuffs. I tried to send the big (10MB) attached file and it froze my screen after 10 mins waiting and no message about if it’s already sent or not.

    Microsoft changed the developer team? or sth? or it’s just a second system effect??? why all stuffs come from them lately big time sucks… don’t mention about vista… the mother of all sucks.

  10. yes it sure sucks. new and improved CRAP the new mail look can’t they make things easy i hate it to the point i might not ever use it. haven’t figured how to remove it yet if i can it’s gone. all windows live . there might be some reason why they did it but millions hsven’t figured out why

  11. First this site loads like a snail. Second, what do you cheap bums expect? You are getting free email service. If you want no ads, pay for it!

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