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Macromedia seems to be moving forward & now they’ll be joining the Eclipse Foundation. Eclipse is an open-source IDE(Integrated Development Environment) written in Java, with support for a lot of things, including even Flash!!

So now Macromedia is joining the Eclipse Foundation & will be creating a next-generation rich Internet application development tool code named Zorn, reports c|net.

And Macromedia’s Chief Software Architect, Kevin Lynch, is right in saying that its a big move for them as just like Microsoft, they use their tools only(as far as they can, b’coz they definitely don’t have their own OS nor do they have their own IDEs for building Flash etc.)!! 😉

Well, we’ll have to see what brews here!! From my point, I’ve heard a lot about Eclipse but haven’t used it yet, haven’t had the need to use it & besides, I really hate Java based applications & avoid them as far as I can, they are horribly slow!! 🙁