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It came all of a sudden, thunder & lightening & then it started pouring down hard!!

At around 5:30pm today, the wind started blowing hard, there was thunder, then lightening & finally it started pouring down hard!! And the electricity went out!! 😀
Great, who requires electricity in such a weather!! It grew a bit cold, the skies turned dark!!

I thought of it as a good chance, so I plugged in my ear-pieces & turned on the radio of my mobile and came out of my house for the view!! 😀
And I snapped some photos from my mobile of the view!! 😉
Not good but here they are.

Dark Skies while it Rained & Lightening Flashed!!

This is not my house by the way, its not even one house!! That’s the block of apartments on the other side of the park that is in-front of my house. The skies had turned really dark & all light was gone!!

It rained & rained, HARD!!

It was raining, so obviously there were umbrellas around!! 😉

My half-rain-washed bike!!

This is my bike, standing half in open & half in shade & thus half-washed & half-unwashed!! 😀

But what I thought to be a long affair, turned out to be pretty short one. The rain stopped within 15 minutes & the electricity came back on in 30 minutes. So I came back in to turn on my PC!!! 😀