iG:Syntax Hiliter Incompatibility!!

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  1. Hello,
    i’m new to this plugin, but IT’s the greatest plugin to highlight your code!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    sorry for the many exclamation marks, but i don’t know how to express my feelings else …

    but, the ONLY thing i want to have at the moment: that the code, that users type in their comments, should be highlighted …

    is it coming or do you think, u can integrate it?


  2. but, the ONLY thing i want to have at the moment: that the code, that users type in their comments, should be highlighted …

    is it coming or do you think, u can integrate it?

    well, yes, its on the “new stuff” list, so yes, its coming!! 😉

  3. try and post your testings 😉
    did it work in wp 1.5?
    i don’t know, because i never used this plugin. i use it only since wp2.
    but when it worked in comments in wp1.5, i think, it should, when u remove the user related thinghs 😉

  4. If I remove all of the user level checks in the code, would it work then??

    well, some people, like Michael at LobsterTechnology, say that it works with WP2 without doing any code modifications. When I upgraded my test installs, it was working alright there too. So if you are upgrading your blog, go ahead, it’ll work. The only point of caution is when installing the plugin on WP2.0 as I noted when I said(above):

    Though the existing installations might work alright, new installs of the plugin on WordPress 2.0 may cause some problems due to the revamped user system in WordPress

    so there!! 😉

  5. Yes, I upgraded my test install from WP1.5.2 to WP2.0 beta(without deactivating any of my plugins) and after the upgrade, iG:Syntax Hiliter was working alright. 🙂

  6. Is it possible to remove the whitespace and line numbers from the highlighted code?

    Basically, line 1 is always whitespace, and lines 2 – 4 are PHP code, and then line 5 is whitespace again.

  7. The option to disable line numbers from the highlighted code is there in the iG:Syntax Hiliter Options page.

    As for the whitespace, well, that happens when you start your code on the next line from where you started the tag, so if you open tag on the first line of code, you won’t see the whitespace in the beginning. Same applies for the end as well.

    I’ve got quite a number of people asking me to do something about it, so the next version might have a fix for it!! 😉

  8. Hi,

    Thanks for that – I’ve had the same problems with my own syntax highlighters in the past. How about stripping whitespace before the when highlighting?

  9. yes you can do that if you know CSS. there’s a CSS file located in the “ig_syntax_hilite” directory. you can change the height etc. there!!

  10. You are supposed to change the height of the “syntax_hilite” class. there’s none defined by default, so you’ll have to add it. other than that I dunno what you can do since this is the class that’s applied to the code box!!

  11. I have changed syntax_hilite class and add the following line:

    and I find it works in fireworks,but not in internet explorer6.

  12. unfortunately neither “min-height” nor “max-height” work in Internet Explorer(6 or lower, I’m not sure about the upcoming version 7). same goes for “min-width” & “max-width”, so ofcourse it doesn’t help you achieve what you want. so you’ll have to either stick with specific height & width or let them flow & occupy as much as they want!! 🙂

    and I find it works in fireworks

    you surely mean FireFox, no? 😉

  13. All my problems are behind me. Turns out the html upload thingy munges my code between [] tags. I fouund the setting to use the html editor the old way and all my code works now.

    sorry for the random postings.

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