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Yes, its about time, I know, & you’ve been waiting for long, so without further ado, let me present, iG:Syntax Hiliter v3.0!! As always, a detailed READ ME and MANUAL is provided with the plugin to get you going. 😀

This is truly one update which I think that every user should(must) have(or atleast those who are running WP1.5 or above). The whole plugin has been overhauled & re-written, the code size is less than the last release(400 lines versus 750 lines of last release) even though the features have multiplied!!!

Based on the latest stable release of GeSHi(v1.0.7), iG:Syntax Hiliter will now support any language that GeSHi supports. You just need to grab the language file from the GeSHi Website(if your language is not already included with the plugin) and drop it in to start colourising the code of your fav language(for more details, please refer to the accompanying plugin MANUAL).

The noteworthy features that’ll really blow away the competition(& copycats) are:

  1. Drag-n-Drop support of a language which GeSHi supports
  2. Plain-Text View of the hilited code(in a seperated window)
  3. Easy to use Configuration GUI in WP-Administration, so no more messing around in PHP code
  4. Auto-Install, just activate & you are ready to colourise your code!!
  5. More options for configuring the plugin & the way its used

These are just the cream of the whole thing, in all it includes a lot of other tit-bits & bug-fixes(both on plugin & GeSHi level).

Its been almost an year(10 months and 23 days) since the first public release, and its been a steady progress, with over 5000 recorded downloads till date(till v2.1). This is a revolutionary release of iG:Syntax Hiliter. What I find amusing is that, as I know of it(I maybe wrong but I don’t think so), Movable Type(which changed the way people look at blogs, in other words, revolutionised it) was pretty feature-ful when in v2.xx but came out with a bang at v3 with whole load of new stuff(including that licensing). Now drawing comparison, iG:Syntax Hiliter revolutionised the way code is hilited(with the world’s best & most loved blogging system, WordPress) and was quite feature-ful in v2.1 but v3.0 is really something to cherish about, it deserves a drumroll(not asking for too much, am I??) and the quite amusing fact is that iG:Syntax Hiliter also has a new License(now don’t panic, nothing to worry about, its still FREE & will always be) at v3.0. 😉

Yes, iG:Syntax Hiliter is now licensed under GNU GPL!! 😀

This is just……, well, I’m feeling a bit exhausted, having worked continously for 3 nights to get this up and going, I’ll now sleep soundly!! 😀

Again, iG:Syntax Hiliter v3.0 can be downloaded here. As always, bugs/complaints/suggestions are welcome here or at the WP Support thread at or you can Contact Me(please mention iG:Syntax Hiliter as the subject).

So, let the code be colourised!! 😉

UPDATE:- A bugfix has been released, please read about it and update to v3.1