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iPod Nano!!

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Apple unveiled its latest head turner, the iPod Nano, at a special event in San Francisco yesterday, reported Yahoo! News!!

The slim machine -- iPod Nano

This brand new iPod looks uber cool, with the thickness equalling a #2 size pencil, and weighs just 1.5 ounces!! Ofcourse, it doesn’t have a hard-disk, its flash memory based, like the earlier introduced iPod Shuffle. But unlike iPod Shuffle which comes in 512MB & 1GB storage capacities, this iPod Mini replacement comes in 2GB & 4GB flavours, with some cool new accessories!!! Another first in this iPod is its screen lock feature which renders it un-operable to anyone but the owner!! 😉

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MovableType, a Big Disappointment!!

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Well, its nothing new, MT is a big disappointment, yet again!! I thought that I’d install the newly released MT3.2 to see what they have improved that they are skipping about, so I went ahead and downloaded the FREE Personal Edition.

Downloading it required me to have a TypeKey account which I didn’t have, no problem, I signed up. I downloaded the 1.76MB ZIP package(unzipping it makes it a cool 5MB+). Now I needed to install Perl(I don’t have it since I don’t use it), so off I went and downloaded ActivePerl(weighing 8.5MB), then proceeded to install it. Then opened the Perl Package Manager & installed DBI & DBD-mysql packages, configured IIS , so the Perl was now fully setup on my PC(yuck!!).

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Ruby, finally!!

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Yeah, I finally started on Ruby, more than a year after I considered learning it. 🙂

Installing it was a breeze as I downloaded OneClick Ruby Installer for Windows which is an EXE file that installs Ruby painlessly. Took less than 5 minutes!! 😉

Now starting on Ruby wasn’t difficult at all. The OneClick Ruby Installer installed two editors, FreeRIDE & SciTE Editor. Any of them can be used to code & compile Ruby, & they are both good. I first tried FreeRIDE, its written in Ruby itself. It looked OK, not as cool as other editors like Zend Studio or DreamweaverMX. But then I noticed, it was quite an older version of FreeRIDE. I downloaded the latest version of FreeRIDE, it weighs almost as much as the OneClick Ruby Installer, about 14MB. Then I noticed that the SciTE Editor bundled with the OneClick Ruby Installer was also quite outdated, so I downloaded & installed the latest version of SciTE Editor as well. 😉

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Google AdSense Print Edition?!

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Yes, it is true. After revolutionising the online advertising media industry, Google is now trying out for a share in the print media as well, the traditional advertising media, reports c|net!!

Its a known fact that almost all of Google’s revenue is generated from its ads, and now its quietly testing the print ads, in order to expand an already high revenue business. Google is doing this by buying ad pages in tech magazines like PC Magazine & Maximum PC and then reselling that real-estate in small chunks of quarters & fifths, to a select few advertisers of its AdWords program.

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Search & Replace in MySQL tables!!

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The Webmaster’s Weekly #12 is out & the Quick Tip tells you about a simple way of doing a search-replace in a MySQL table.

Well, it might be something new for Chrispian but I’ve been doing this for ages, infact I don’t know of any other search-replace technique for MySQL when you don’t need to replace the data of the whole column of a record, but just some text from between it, like in “hello world, today is wednesday” you want to replace “today is wednesday” with “yesterday was thursday”. This is ofcourse quite a simple example which can be done with a simple SQL. The tip however says that its quite simple to just download the data as SQL using phpMyAdmin, open it in a text editor, search-replace and then upload back after saving.

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