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Yahoo! Mail, it rocks!!

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No, I’m not talking about the existing Yahoo! Mail, which is not bad in itself, but I’m talking about the Yahoo! Mail that’s not yet available to the masses. Yes yes, I’m of course talking about the new look & interface of Yahoo! Mail, which is currently in beta and accessible only to a very small percentage of Yahoo! users. I got the invitation yesterday when I logged in to mail, & asked me whether I want to try the beta, I of course wanted to & clicked the button, but I hit a snag there, as on the next screen I was informed that my browser(Opera v8.51) is not supported & that either I get a browser which is supported(IE6 or FireFox or Mozilla) or I continue on with old UI of Yahoo! Mail. Not one to let go of the opportunity, I immediately changed browsers & logged in again & there, the new interface loaded, & after the first look, my first reaction was ….. “wow”!! 😕

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AdWords, now on Radio!!

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The last news on Google’s AdWords expansion, it was about AdWords Print Edition. Now it seems that Google will be trying its hand next in Radio, by delivering ads in the broadcasts, as Google looks set to buy a radio ad company called dMarc Broadcasting Inc. The purchase price of New Beach, California, based company is estimated at about $1.2 billion. Under the deal, which was announced few hours ago, Google will be paying $102 million in cash & about $1.14 billion over the next three years provided that the performance targets meet, like product integration, net revenue and advertising inventory targets.

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Windows Live Mail sucks, literally!!

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I got the invitation for testing the Windows Live Mail Beta & I opted for it, anticipating some enhanced UI that will help me use my Hotmail better. The invitations for this next generation of Hotmail are given out by themselves only, no existing beta tester can invite anyone else, as in the case of Gmail. So I jumped on, upgraded to Windows Live Mail Beta and logged in. But after using the interface for a few minutes, I was quite a bit disappointed, even though I’d known from the first looks that I’ll be disappointed!!

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Bloggers' Evening Out!!

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Note: If you are interested in reading a Hindi version of this, then please click here.

I’ve been waiting for the evening of January 2nd, 2006, with great anticipation, for the 5th Delhi Bloggers’ Meet was scheduled for half past six in the evening at the N-Block Connaught Place outlet of Barista. 😕 But the skies were not sharing my eagerness to meet the fellow bloggers and were looking menacing all day & started spitting their venom in slow motion by the time I was getting ready to leave for the meet. I waited & waited and when finally the skies stoppped for a breather, I seized my opportunity & rode my bike like hell, so as to get out of the area hoping against the hopes that they would leave me alone when I’m considerable distance away. That was not to happen as the conspiracy against me continued resulting a slight drizzle 2-3 times when I was on road. Unfazed, I continued to plough on. But determined to be not outdone by a mere mortal like me, the skies unleashed their fury when I took the turn for Laxmi Narayan Temple. Being stubborn as I’m(afterall I was nearly there), I increased my speed and continued on to Gole Market, Bangla Sahib and then Connaught Place. Since I hadn’t been to Barista(at Connaught Place) before, and as pointed out by codey earlier, I started to circumnavigate around the outer circle when finally after Ruby Tuesday & Federal Bank, I spotted the target!! 😀 I was already late by an hour and quite a lot soaked thanks to the fury of skies(which have given up by then & had gone for a break). So after parking, I dried up my bag & helmet, unsuccessfully tried to dry up my self & then went in.

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