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Basics for Surviving Online - Part III!!

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In the last 2 of the series, I’ve discussed about the basic yet effective ways of combating email SPAM, talked about remaining safe from Phishing, staying protected from Viruses and weeding out Spywares from your computer. In this issue, on the roll of honour, we have:

  1. Windows Security

Looks like you’ve straightened up a bit on that chair, eh!! So lets get cracking then!! 😉

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Basics for Surviving Online - Part II!!

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In the first issue of the series, I discussed about the basic yet effective ways of combating email SPAM and talked about remaining safe from Phishing. And today, on the roll of honour, we have:

  1. Viruses
  2. Spyware

So lets get started!! 🙂

Viruses: Computer users(especially Windows users) hate Viruses perhaps more than SPAM and the reasons are obvious!! While SPAM is just a form of (un-ethical)marketing which atmost just fills up your INBOX and clogs the network traffic on the servers, Viruses do much more than that, they can destroy your files, documents, even your operating system.

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Basics for Surviving Online!!

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Surviving Online? Am I joking?

Yes, I did say “Surviving Online” and for your sake I hope you won’t take me to be a mad delinquent who’s pulling a fast one on you.

Some of my friends, known-ones have been using internet for quite some time but are quite illiterate in the art of surviving in cyberspace. I hope to address some of the most common issues right here, right now, so better be careful and attentive. What I’m gonna tell you is nothing new, you’ve probably heard or read it at numerous websites or forums or from other people and you probably never took it seriously. Well, I hope that you better take it seriously here if you don’t want to suffer the displeasures of the unlikable.

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Cheap Publicity? Sure, why not!!

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In the name of FREEDOM OF PRESS & SPEECH, we puncture your public image

License to Kill(public image)

Sounds familiar? Yeah, these should apply to the Indian Media & Press which will do anything, try the dirtiest of tricks which are not even in the books, all just to sell their crap. 🙄 Its all about the $$$$$ baby!! đŸ˜¯

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Tata Indicom are Fraudsters!!

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Yes, Tata Indicom is just a company full of cheats & fraudsters giving no service for your money.
I applied for a 64kbps unlimited connection(Infinity-64) at Rs.800/month to use it as a backup for my current internet connection. Their representative, a Mr.Vikram, showed up at my home early in the morning at 10am(early in the sense that I go to sleep at 5am) on May 9th, 2005 & had me fill their registration form(Form Number 1210692) & took a cheque of Rs.552(Rs.500+10.2% tax towards setup charges) & said that I’ll have a connection in 10-15 days!! Astounding as it was(as there’s no company that takes 15 days to get you connected, it usually with 3-4 days), I accepted it.

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A period of dryness!!

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Its been long since I posted(8 days). Blogging has taken a backseat along with some other things as I got busy with office, but this doesn’t mean that I’ve forgotten or abandoned it.

My schedule has got so scattered that I find no time to blog or do anything else, so that means that I need to re-plan my daily schedule to get things on the right track. 🙂

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Spam Karma Rocks!!

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I’m glad & thankful that I’m using Spam Karma instead of Spaminator!! Spaminator’s developer Kitty seems to have abandoned its development. What a pity, it was a good plugin with a good approach!! 🙁

Anyway, life moves on, & 12 days ago, to my horror, I saw that there were 125 comments in moderation & only 5-6 of them were legitimate, the rest was SPAM about pills or poker or other stuff!! đŸ˜¯ Spaminator had screwed it up big time & I decided that it was time to let it go!! I had installed Spam Karma on the diGit Blog to see how it does & it has done well there, blocking all SPAM!! So I decided to go with it & till this date, Spam Karma has not let me down, blocking 600+ spam comments in the last 12 days, with an average of 50 comments per day!! 😉 Ofcourse, I keep my blacklist updated with Simon’s Blacklist. 😀

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Cordless Headphones?

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So today I got cordless headphones after my 2 year old normal headphones refused to play the music. Big deal!! Yes it is a big deal, cordless headphones are still new here, not many people go with them. Reason? They are expensive! Yes, its a fact, I got this one for Rs.800 while I could’ve got a normal one with probably better sound output for Rs.150.

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Tune into MSN Radio!!

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A few days ago I blogged about getting around with Yahoo! LAUNCHCAST radio, how its FREE service is good & its downsides on having the limitations of 400 songs/month & 5 song skips/hour. 🙁

But Yahoo! Launchcast is not the only choice for internet-radio listeners. 😀 There are many many free internet radio stations to which you can tune into & have a blast!! Like there’s Nullsoft Shoutcast having dozens of radion stations being broadcasted from around the globe, catering to every taste & genre!! Then there’s Live365. However Live 365 just sucks!! Its only good if you can pay them. I tried to listen as a free listener & they have this limit of only 3 listeners at a time per radio station & their speed is just horrible. :dizzy:

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