Canned Atropine!!

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Golden Ticket!!

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Yay, I got the Golden Ticket today finally!! I had put in my email sometime back & then forgot about it(so I wasn’t waiting). And today when I checked my email, it was there, sitting in my Inbox. Here’s what it said:

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away you entered your email
address on to get a blog.

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Noise, fireworks, joy..... its Dussehra!!

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Lord RamYes, crackers are burning, the bursting sounds, fireworks, the lighting, the prologue to Deepawali, Dussehra is symbolic of the victory of Good over Evil, celebrated as the day when Lord Ram killed the Demon Ravan.

But the celebration is good only when you get the message the occasion imparts, Kill the Evil spirit in yourself. Otherwise its no good burning the crackers, lighting fireworks!! But then who cares? Yeah, that’s right, people hardly care!!

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Back Home!!

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Dad got discharged from the hospital & came back home today, after spending 13 days in hospital, 6 of which were in ICU. 🙂

As per the neuro surgeon Dr.P.Bishnu, he’s much better now than he was when he was taken to the hospital. He’s recovering, but still not in any satisfactory shape, still has trouble balancing himself when sitting & tend to roll-off the bed. 🙁

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Sunshine Ahead?!!

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Looks like so, dad was shifted from ICU to his ward day before yesterday & looks better to me now, the docs are also pleased to see his improvement. 😉 He’s out of danger now, thanks to everyone who expressed their best wishes & my uncles who stood by my side!! 🙂 He’s not fully conscious yet, but replies a bit when someone talks to him, the docs say that we should talk to him as much as we can, that’ll help in recovery. One thing I’m glad about is that he’s not lost his memory(looks like so till now), no amnesia as was in the case of my mom’s dad when he got brain haemorrhage 3 years back. And the paralysis on his right-side doesn’t look as bad as it was earlier, he’s able to move his right arm & leg a bit. Still, it’ll be quite a bit of time before he’ll be back in satisfactory shape!!

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Dark Times?!!

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What happened last night wasn’t something that I expected, nor anyone in the family!! Dad has just finished his dinner, he was complaining about some pinching inside, but thought it would be ok. And next we know, he was unable to stand & lost his balance, the right hand side of his body was paralysed. I had him rushed to the hospital immediately & there we learnt that he’s suffered from brain haemorrhage. After the usual tests & MRI etc. he was shifted immediately to ICU(Intensive Care Unit) where the doctors want to keep him under observation for the next 72 hours which are very critical as the haemorrhage is on left side of the brain which is very vital. The surgeon said that the odds of pulling through are not more than 40%. 🙁

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Dennis Quits!!

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Dennis is done with blogging, so he quits. He started out the same month(April) last year as me, but never got around to posting much, I haven’t been reading him regularly for quite some months now!! So that’s another blogger gone. 🙁

Goodbye mate, & goodluck with whatever you do!! 😉

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Grey Storm !!

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As you might’ve already noticed, I’ve changed the theme of this blog of mine. This blog, which looked something of blue & white till an hour ago, was using a modified version of the cute Manji 1 Beta theme. Now, this blog sports a custom greyish theme named Grey Storm!! Incidently this is my first WordPress theme, made solely by myself & I’ve been busy over it for quite a number of days, working on it in whatever little free time I get!! 😀

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Phew, its been quite busy last week, with me running around here & there doing errands like personally inviting everyone in the family(both mom & dad’s sides), that meant riding 250+ Km in 3 days after work(in a total of not less than 10 hours that included chatting a bit & having refreshments at every place). So by Sunday, my back was aching quite bad & my body was quite rigid, so I didn’t find time to post about earlier.

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Basics for Surviving Online - Part III!!

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In the last 2 of the series, I’ve discussed about the basic yet effective ways of combating email SPAM, talked about remaining safe from Phishing, staying protected from Viruses and weeding out Spywares from your computer. In this issue, on the roll of honour, we have:

  1. Windows Security

Looks like you’ve straightened up a bit on that chair, eh!! So lets get cracking then!! 😉

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