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Macromedia MAX 2005 - Presentations!!

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The PowerPoint Presentations of Macromedia MAX 2005 are available for download!! Get them for FREE at the Breeze Central. Just login as Guest & select a Presentation you want & click “Save to My Computer”. That’s it!!

For those who weren’t able to attend the Conference at either Singapore, New Delhi or Bangalore, you should get them. For those who attended can also download them. 😀

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Trying Avant!!

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Like many thousands of others, I also use IE6, I just find it convenient & I can lock it up so I don’t have to worry about security issues. Sure I also use FireFox but my main browser is still IE6.

But I don’t use it directly, I like tabbed-browsing & pop-up blocking so I’ve been using Crazy Browser, which is an interface for IE, providing features which IE lacks like tabbed browsing, pop-up blocking, script/image/active-x blockers etc. Its been 4 years since I’ve been using it & I’ve been satisfied with it, even though its development hasn’t continued after 2001. But now it seems is the time to move on. Crazy Browser has crashed on me three times in past 24 hours. Though it has crashed a few times in past too but not this frequently. So I thought its time to get another interface for IE. And one came to my mind immediately, Avant Browser.

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Yes, the Indian arm of eBay, really SUCKS!! đŸ‘ŋ They are hand in hand with fraudsters selling on their portal & to deceive buyers, they claim to have a Buyer Protection Program which they say is to protect buyers from fraudsters. 🙄

On 14th Feb. 2005, I placed a bid on an auction at Baazee for a Nokia Handsfree. Below is the picture of the product on auction that was displayed by the seller giftsindia

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Day 2 @ MAX 2005!!

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Today, 15th March 2005, was the second & final day of Macromedia MAX 2005 Conference here in New Delhi, India. And it promised to be really cool than what it was yesterday!! 😀 I was waiting for the conference to begin, & it began right at 9am IST with Greg Rewis again. 😀

Yes, Greg Rewis for 3 sessions. He started off the first session with using CSS for page layout, instead of Tables. Ok, several guys have been pushing me that I should embrace CSS based page layouts & I’ve been kinda avoiding that because of the lack of time I’ll need to put into learning about creating CSS based page layouts. But what Greg showed today in the first 20-30 minutes is that its really easy to do a CSS based page layout, & using a CSS based layout means a lot of flexibility. I mean I never thought that I can create a CSS based page layout so easily, and though he demonstrated this by using DreamweaverMX 2004 & its advanced CSS features, I really don’t need it for that. Its for those who can’t hand code. But I can hand code that faster that it’d take me to do it via Dreamweaver, really cool stuff. I’ll be trying that out next, really many thanks to Greg for easing that out. 😀

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Day 1 @ MAX 2005!!

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Ok, today, 14th March 2005, was the Day 1 of the Macromedia MAX 2005 Conference in New Delhi, India. And I happened to be one of the guys who attended it. 😉 And I’m gonna post my experience there & what I saw!! 😉

Ok, first of all, the Conference was organised at Hyatt Regency, New Delhi. Couldn’t have picked a better place, the food there is simply awesome. 😉
Here’s the hotel photograph from the hotel’s website.

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Macromedia MAX 2005 - India!!

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MAX 2005 — India, the Macromedia Conference being held in New Delhi(14-15 March 2005) & Bangalore(17-18 March 2005) is surely gonna be cool.

Though they’ll be showcasing the next Flash Player & the mobile Flash Player, I’m more excited about the technical sessions they’ll conduct on Flash Actionscripting & Rich Internet Applications.

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Mobile phone with Walkman? Thats SONY ofcourse!!

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Sony-Ericsson, the mobile maker, has launched 4 new mobile phone models, two of which introduce auto-focus cameras & one that’s got Walkman branded music player, reports Reuters. WOW!! 😀

Mobile handset market is seeing some of the toughest competition that I’ve seen in any market with all makers trying hard to woo customers. They are packing a tiny device like a phone with so many features that its no longer meant for only sending & receiving calls and messages. It can snap photographs, play recorded songs, play radio, send MMS/Picture Messages, record audios-videos, let you play games, checks your email, browse internet, keep your schedule diary/to-do list/appointments, and just every other damn thing. What the heck!! 😀

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WP1.5 Themes Competition!!

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The WordPress1.5 Theme competition is live & accepting entries. The competition will run till March 25th 2005 with the results coming out on March 28th 2005.

Sounds good, the last time the competition was held last year, there were some great skins that were submitted & I ended up using 2 of them. Though I don’t need a new theme at the moment, but lets see what the guys can come up with!! 😉 I hope that the quality of themes increase from the last time. Last time they were very good, so now I’m hoping for excellent entries!! 😀

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AOL: Fighting to Survive!!

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The once giant ISP, America on Line(AOL), is preparing another weapon to unleash at the competition, fighting hard to stay in the market. Yes, AOL is planning to release its own VoIP service which will allow you to make calls within US for a flat monthly fee, reports c|net. It has been testing this service for about 1 year now & has already launched it in Canada in last December.

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