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Avant Browser? A strict No!!

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In an earlier post, I remarked that Crazy Browser was giving me problems & I said that I’ll try Avant Browser to see if it fits the bill.

I tried it for a week but I’d say that its worse than the last time when I tried it. Its seems to be choked full of useless features like skinning etc. while there are hardly any good features that it has. The pop-up blocker is almost useless, it can’t block Scripts/Images/Active-X on a single tab, it blocks for all tabs & even then its not effective. Disabling Images & Scripts has no effect.

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9/11, some wierd thought!!

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I was just sitting idle(quite rare) now that I had some wierd thought about the 9/11 incident of World Trade Center.
The US date format is MM/DD/YYYY, meaning that if today is 9th April 2005, it’ll be written as 4/9/2005, the month comes first & then comes the day. That’s why the incident date is written as 9/11, meaning September 11.

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Microsoft is really biased & Hotmail sucks!!

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Yes, Microsoft is biased, big time & Hotmail sucks!! I know because I use it, have been doing to since when, I don’t remember!!

And here’s why I say that Microsoft is biased & why Hotmail Sucks!!

What’s new For Free Hotmail? MSN Hotmail Inbox Storage is now 250 MB and there is an increased attachment size of 10 MB!

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Matt Explains!!

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Matt finally speaks up on the unpleasant business.

I’m just glad that I reserved judgement till I heard him out. By reading him, I’d just say that he went looking for the right thing on the wrong path, that’s all. I believe the guy, & what’s done is done, the matter is closed in my books. 🙂

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2GB of Free Storage!!

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GMail users worldwide seem to have noticed the fact that the storage of their free GMail accounts have doubled to 2000MB in last 2-3 days, as you can see from the screen shot of my GMail account. 😀

So, is GMail gearing up for the Public Release? Or is Google hotting up the Size Wars? Its noteworthy that GMail celebrated its 1st anniversary of being in Beta this April 1st. It went live into Beta last April 1st, triggering the Size Wars which saw an increase in free storage by eMail giants like Yahoo! & Hotmail. Yahoo! seems to have however marked Hotmail as its rival & seems to have given up trying to chase after GMail. It first increased the free storage size from 4MB to 100MB but when MSN announced 250MB for Hotmail, Yahoo! too increased its free storage from 100MB to 250MB. Hotmail however offers 250MB only to select users who are from US, UK, Canada & Japan.

Read More Spamming Search Engines?

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Its been all over internet now, that how the homesite of the popular open-source blog WordPress, spammed the search engines!! 😯

Yes, as I came to know about it from JD, I was astounded. I couldn’t have believed that!! This was raised in the WordPress Support forums but that topic was closed by a moderator, then Matt re-opened it, posted his comments on the issue & re-closed the topic. He did the right thing by closing the topic, or the forum would’ve been overwhelmed with replies to that topic, but the issue is now plastered all over the world wide web!!

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Commonly Confused Words??

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Found this test at Johnny Gulag’s blog, he took it, so I also took this test to test my English!!

Here are my results!!

English Genius
You scored 100% Beginner, 100% Intermediate, 87% Advanced, and 76% Expert!

You did so extremely well, even I can’t find a word to describe your excellence! You have the uncommon intelligence necessary to understand things that most people don’t. You have an extensive vocabulary, and you’re not afraid to use it properly! Way to go!

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Happy Holi !!

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Happy Holi to everyone!! I do hope you’ve had a SPLASH!! Its a festival of friendship, of washing away woes, sullenness & enmity with a cold splash of coloured water and making your enemies your friends. 😀

Last night, I attended the Holi Milan Party at my Mausi’s place & here are some pics that I shot from my mobile.

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Macromedia MAX 2005 - Presentations!!

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The PowerPoint Presentations of Macromedia MAX 2005 are available for download!! Get them for FREE at the Breeze Central. Just login as Guest & select a Presentation you want & click “Save to My Computer”. That’s it!!

For those who weren’t able to attend the Conference at either Singapore, New Delhi or Bangalore, you should get them. For those who attended can also download them. 😀

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