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Deepawali 2005 - the Videos!!

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As promised in my last post yesterday, I’ve the Deepawali videos online!! Well, putting them online was indeed some story worthy of a mention, so I’ll rant about it first!! 😉

This was the first time that I shot videos & also the first time I was putting them online!! Now those of you who know, I’m on a measly 128kbps cable connection that hardly gives me anything above 100kbps on normal days, more than often going to the lowly 60-65kbps. So ofcourse putting the videos online is a problem!! But then, I decided to brave it, to make available online 9 of the videos that I shot, totalling 42.3MB.

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A brighter Deepawali!!

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Yeah, the Deepawali was a lot brighter this year, the number of fireworks & crackers burnt around here was less than last year & its all quiet at 3am in the morning of 2nd November 2005 as I write this blog post(contrary to the crackers that were being set till 4am last year). There are sounds of one off firework going on in distance, some nutters are still at it, forgetting that deepawali is now over!! 😉

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Happy Deepawali!!

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Happy Deepawali A very very Happy Deepawali to all of you!! Light up the night but not with crackers, the environment is already very much polluted, don’t pollute it anymore!! I stopped burning crackers 7 years ago, & this will be my 8th deepawali without crackers!! 🙂

May this deepawali bring lots of happiness & light in your(& my) life!! 😉

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Star Wars Quiz!!

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Yeah, how much you know about the first & second trilogies? You can test your StarWars knowledge by taking this Star Wars quiz at 😉 It’ll actually test you more on the first trilogy than on second!! 😀 So if you haven’t watched the first trilogy, better watch it now, the movies may not have the special effects that the ones in second trilogy had, but the story is still captivating while you can marvel the fact at how they managed to pull them off in the 70s & 80s(The Return of Jedi – 1983) without all the gizmos that they had when making the second trilogy!!

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