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Dennis Quits!!

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Dennis is done with blogging, so he quits. He started out the same month(April) last year as me, but never got around to posting much, I haven’t been reading him regularly for quite some months now!! So that’s another blogger gone. 🙁

Goodbye mate, & goodluck with whatever you do!! 😉

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Grey Storm !!

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As you might’ve already noticed, I’ve changed the theme of this blog of mine. This blog, which looked something of blue & white till an hour ago, was using a modified version of the cute Manji 1 Beta theme. Now, this blog sports a custom greyish theme named Grey Storm!! Incidently this is my first WordPress theme, made solely by myself & I’ve been busy over it for quite a number of days, working on it in whatever little free time I get!! 😀

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Phew, its been quite busy last week, with me running around here & there doing errands like personally inviting everyone in the family(both mom & dad’s sides), that meant riding 250+ Km in 3 days after work(in a total of not less than 10 hours that included chatting a bit & having refreshments at every place). So by Sunday, my back was aching quite bad & my body was quite rigid, so I didn’t find time to post about earlier.

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Stampede for used laptops!!

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There was quite a rush as people tried to knock others on their way to get their hands on one of the 1000 laptops put on sale for just $50 by the Henrico County school system, USA. The laptops on sale were 4 year old Apple iBooks which were being offered to the county residents for $50 a piece, reports Yahoo!.

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Macromedia Studio 8 !!

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The much awaited successor to Macromedia StudioMX 2004, is just around the corner. Macromedia has announced the Macromedia Studio 8 which will ship in September 2005.

This new release will constitute of:

  1. Dreamweaver 8
  2. Flash Professional 8
  3. Fireworks 8

and two new additions to the Studio are:

  1. Contribute 3
  2. Flash Paper 2

I don’t know about all the components of the Macromedia Studio 8 but I can say that the improvements in Dreamweaver 8 and Flash Professional 8 will quite interesting, with enhanced CSS support & more usable interface in Dreamweaver8(did anyone mention code-folding?!) and the enhanced Flash Professional 8 which will help in leverage the new bells & whistles in the FlashPlayer8!!

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