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Sony doesn't want WAR on DVD Formats!!

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Sony Corp. says its open to talk on the new DVD formats, an issue which is on the verge of Format WAR between major players in the field with Sony, TDK Corp. & Philips Electronics supporting Sony’s Blu-Ray format while Toshiba Corp. & its group look menacing with Toshiba’s HD-DVD Technology.

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Google a Cab!!

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Next time you need to get a cab, don’t rush out to get one or call for it. Geek out & search for it on Google. 😀


Don’t believe me?

Its true, I’m not lying. Checkout the latest hot offering from the Google Labs, The Ride Finder.

But don’t rush to it to find a Cab near you, because its search area is quite limited!! First, its only for the US & secondly, even in US, it supports only some few major cities like New York, Chicago, Baltimore, Washington DC, etc.

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