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Tune into MSN Radio!!

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A few days ago I blogged about getting around with Yahoo! LAUNCHCAST radio, how its FREE service is good & its downsides on having the limitations of 400 songs/month & 5 song skips/hour. 🙁

But Yahoo! Launchcast is not the only choice for internet-radio listeners. 😀 There are many many free internet radio stations to which you can tune into & have a blast!! Like there’s Nullsoft Shoutcast having dozens of radion stations being broadcasted from around the globe, catering to every taste & genre!! Then there’s Live365. However Live 365 just sucks!! Its only good if you can pay them. I tried to listen as a free listener & they have this limit of only 3 listeners at a time per radio station & their speed is just horrible. :dizzy:

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Jade's Magic for Xbox!!

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Can this Jade to magic for Xbox, like Halo pummeled its sales in the last quarter of 2004, giving Xbox its first profitable quarter?? 😕

It does seem like it’ll take Xbox high but not dry, atleast that’s how Wired’s story on it sounds. 😀

Looks like it has all the elements of a HIT!! 😉

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Privacy a thing of Past?

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Is privacy a thing of past? How would you feel if your personal information like your address, your phone numbers(even unlisted/private phone numbers), even a photograph of your house is available to anyone in just a few clicks? I’d feel raped & I’m not exaggerating!!!!! Information like personal phone numbers & private eMails will definitely be abused if they no longer remain private & exclusive to a selected few to whom they were/are entrusted. 😕

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$164Million loss on Xbox!!

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Microsoft has reported a loss of $164 million on a revenue of $583 million in its The Home and Entertainment Division a.k.a Xbox division, in the first quarter of 2005, says Digit Online News. It says that its better since it saw a loss of $204 million in the first quarter of 2004 over a revenue of $519 million. 🙂

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