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Crazy Browser finally out of Hibernation!!

Posted by on in iNews | 4 comments

I’ve been a fan of Crazy Browser for a long time, been using it for more than last 3-4 years now. Its a great piece of software & a must have if you love using IE & doesn’t eat away CPU like Avant Browser, its closest competitor. But what had been saddening was that Crazy Browser’s development had been dormant, the last release had been v1.05 on 4th April 2002. 🙁 It still lacked some features as per today’s needs & some bug fixes.

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Retrieving eMail Message through PHP!!

Posted by on in iDevelop, PHP | 2 comments

In the past week, I was messing around with the imap functions of PHP, to connect to a POP3 server, get eMail messages, etc.

But the problem is that imap_body() function doesn’t give out just the email message if the eMail is a multipart message. I was having problems with this as I didn’t find any solution in the comments on the online manual’s page & what I was trying to do is to get the HTML from an HTML eMail, but I got the plain text part as well as the headers if I used imap_body() for a multipart HTML eMail. 🙁

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Apple in trouble with 'Tiger'!!

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A US eCommerce website has sued Apple Computer Inc. over the use of ‘Tiger’ for the new OS-X release. TigerDirect says that Apple is infringing its trademark!!

Now that’s just ridiculous!! ‘Tiger’ is a name of a class of animals, anyone can use that name, you just can’t have a copyright on it!! Its just saying that you can’t use the word ‘Air’ in your product promotions etc. simply because Nike has a copyright on it!! Its saying that if Tiger Woods starts a computer business, he’ll get sued as well, why there’s a ‘Tiger’ in his name or in his company’s name!! 🙄 This is just freakingly ridiculous!!

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Thunder & Lightening!!

Posted by on in Serious Jokes | 2 comments

It came all of a sudden, thunder & lightening & then it started pouring down hard!!

At around 5:30pm today, the wind started blowing hard, there was thunder, then lightening & finally it started pouring down hard!! And the electricity went out!! 😀
Great, who requires electricity in such a weather!! It grew a bit cold, the skies turned dark!!

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