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Spam Karma Rocks!!

Posted by on in Serious Jokes | 2 comments

I’m glad & thankful that I’m using Spam Karma instead of Spaminator!! Spaminator’s developer Kitty seems to have abandoned its development. What a pity, it was a good plugin with a good approach!! 🙁

Anyway, life moves on, & 12 days ago, to my horror, I saw that there were 125 comments in moderation & only 5-6 of them were legitimate, the rest was SPAM about pills or poker or other stuff!! 😯 Spaminator had screwed it up big time & I decided that it was time to let it go!! I had installed Spam Karma on the diGit Blog to see how it does & it has done well there, blocking all SPAM!! So I decided to go with it & till this date, Spam Karma has not let me down, blocking 600+ spam comments in the last 12 days, with an average of 50 comments per day!! 😉 Ofcourse, I keep my blacklist updated with Simon’s Blacklist. 😀

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XXX domains coming soon!!

Posted by on in iNews | 0 comments

ICANN(Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) on Wednesday approved to create a virtual red-light zone by giving the green light to the XXX TLDs, reports Yahoo! ICANN said that it’ll start negotiating with ICM Registry Inc., run by British businessman Stuart Lawley, to iron out technical & price issues. Apparently ICM plans to sell the XXX domains for $60/year & hopes that adult oriented websites will adopt it voluntarily so that filtering software can block them more effectively & thus keeping children away from porn!!! Fat Chance I’d say!! 🙄

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Cordless Headphones?

Posted by on in Serious Jokes | 7 comments

So today I got cordless headphones after my 2 year old normal headphones refused to play the music. Big deal!! Yes it is a big deal, cordless headphones are still new here, not many people go with them. Reason? They are expensive! Yes, its a fact, I got this one for Rs.800 while I could’ve got a normal one with probably better sound output for Rs.150.

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SE Friendly URLs in ASP - Revisited!!

Posted by on in iDevelop | 8 comments

An year ago(well, more than a year ago now), I blogged about doing something in SE Friendly URLs in ASP on IIS without any COM or ISAPI filter, but just in pure ASP. I tried a few things, got it working & then other things came up and it was left then & there. Even the project which I had in my mind for which I was doing this, was abandoned, lack of time & other priorities being the reason.

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All for a Coffee!!

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How dumb/greedy people can be? Or should I say ignorant? A study by VeriSign revealed that 66% of people will reveal their password to you for a cup of Starbucks Coffee worth $3, reports c|net!!! 😯

People are so ignorant, they just don’t know what can be done with their passwords!!! 😕 Some people said that they were comfortable with revealing their passwords as they aren’t asked to reveal their usernames while other people instead of revealing their password, were willing to give out hints like name of their pet, mother’s name etc.

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