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Worming my Way Out!!

Posted by on in iDevelop, iG:Syntax Hiliter, WP-Plugins | 38 comments

Yes, a bug was reported in iG:Syntax Hiliter v3.0 that can stop the plugin from working, or in other words, can break your plugin and the post. This was due to the fact that a new RegEx was used for the tag parsing and I uh well…………..
So, if you used any square brackets like [ ] in your post, well, you can understand…………..

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Let the CODE be Colourised!!

Posted by on in iDevelop, iG:Syntax Hiliter, PHP, WP-Plugins | 16 comments

Yes, its about time, I know, & you’ve been waiting for long, so without further ado, let me present, iG:Syntax Hiliter v3.0!! As always, a detailed READ ME and MANUAL is provided with the plugin to get you going. 😀

This is truly one update which I think that every user should(must) have(or atleast those who are running WP1.5 or above). The whole plugin has been overhauled & re-written, the code size is less than the last release(400 lines versus 750 lines of last release) even though the features have multiplied!!!

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Mission: Extinguish LAMP

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LAMP is the new wonderkid, a more deadly threat to Microsoft than the touted Linux as LAMP stands for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP/Perl/Python. So its a direct assault on Microsoft’s Windows Servers & .NET Platform as LAMP is not just an OS out of whom Windows can beat the living daylights out. Its a comprehensive package that consists of a web-server & a database with a choice of development languages(PHP/Python/Perl) & they are all FREE to obtain & use. So Microsoft looks to Extinguish LAMP, reports c|net.

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Tata Indicom are Fraudsters!!

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Yes, Tata Indicom is just a company full of cheats & fraudsters giving no service for your money.
I applied for a 64kbps unlimited connection(Infinity-64) at Rs.800/month to use it as a backup for my current internet connection. Their representative, a Mr.Vikram, showed up at my home early in the morning at 10am(early in the sense that I go to sleep at 5am) on May 9th, 2005 & had me fill their registration form(Form Number 1210692) & took a cheque of Rs.552(Rs.500+10.2% tax towards setup charges) & said that I’ll have a connection in 10-15 days!! Astounding as it was(as there’s no company that takes 15 days to get you connected, it usually with 3-4 days), I accepted it.

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After GMail, will the next thing in be GooglePay?? 😕

Looks like it as the search titan Google is considering to launch its own online payment system like eBay’s Paypal, sometime later this year, reports Yahoo! News.

This may provide a stiff competition to eBay whose 23% revenue($233.1 million) in the first quarter this year was generated from Paypal. The news story reported that if Google goes through this, then it’ll be less dependent on advertising which generated most of its $1.26 billion revenue in the first quarter this year. And growth in competition is always a good news for end-users, as it means they get more for less. So hopefully Google will continue to remain the good guys, charge the current or less transaction fees & provide better service. This might also mean that Paypal will be forced to provide more for less!! 😀

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A period of dryness!!

Posted by on in Serious Jokes | 3 comments

Its been long since I posted(8 days). Blogging has taken a backseat along with some other things as I got busy with office, but this doesn’t mean that I’ve forgotten or abandoned it.

My schedule has got so scattered that I find no time to blog or do anything else, so that means that I need to re-plan my daily schedule to get things on the right track. 🙂

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Hacking Google Maps!!

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People are coming up with cool ideas & applications based on Google Maps, a Google service, launched in February this year, having detailed maps of almost all of US, reports Yahoo! News.

Google Maps have detailed maps & though other services like Yahoo! too have map services, the difference is that Google Maps are charted by lattitude & longitude & thus it makes easy to map a given location or one nearest to it. Besides Google Maps uses DHTML extensively to provide a rich user experience & users are able to scroll through the maps without re-loading the page. Combine all this with various kinds of databases of information available & you have a killer application that would find many patrons!!

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