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Macromedia Studio 8 !!

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The much awaited successor to Macromedia StudioMX 2004, is just around the corner. Macromedia has announced the Macromedia Studio 8 which will ship in September 2005.

This new release will constitute of:

  1. Dreamweaver 8
  2. Flash Professional 8
  3. Fireworks 8

and two new additions to the Studio are:

  1. Contribute 3
  2. Flash Paper 2

I don’t know about all the components of the Macromedia Studio 8 but I can say that the improvements in Dreamweaver 8 and Flash Professional 8 will quite interesting, with enhanced CSS support & more usable interface in Dreamweaver8(did anyone mention code-folding?!) and the enhanced Flash Professional 8 which will help in leverage the new bells & whistles in the FlashPlayer8!!

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Basics for Surviving Online - Part III!!

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In the last 2 of the series, I’ve discussed about the basic yet effective ways of combating email SPAM, talked about remaining safe from Phishing, staying protected from Viruses and weeding out Spywares from your computer. In this issue, on the roll of honour, we have:

  1. Windows Security

Looks like you’ve straightened up a bit on that chair, eh!! So lets get cracking then!! 😉

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Blogging Business Summit?!!

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Blog Business Summit is gonna be held in San Francisco from August 17-19 this year & WordPress is one of the sponsors along with Microsoft, Boeing(Connexion by Boeing) among others!! If you wanna register, you better hurry & you can get a cool discount of $300 for being a WordPress user & if you use this link. Though if I register, I’ll get an additional $100 off as I’ve blogged about the summit & pinged the announcement at WordPress Dev Blog. So you better blog about this summit & trackback/ping the entry at WordPress Dev Blog to get the additional $100 knocked off the registration fees. 😀

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Basics for Surviving Online - Part II!!

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In the first issue of the series, I discussed about the basic yet effective ways of combating email SPAM and talked about remaining safe from Phishing. And today, on the roll of honour, we have:

  1. Viruses
  2. Spyware

So lets get started!! 🙂

Viruses: Computer users(especially Windows users) hate Viruses perhaps more than SPAM and the reasons are obvious!! While SPAM is just a form of (un-ethical)marketing which atmost just fills up your INBOX and clogs the network traffic on the servers, Viruses do much more than that, they can destroy your files, documents, even your operating system.

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Spam Assassin?!!

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“Die Spammer Die”, this is what you think(or something to the same effect) when you see your a load of that despicable SPAM every morning when you open your INBOX, no? But seriously, have you ever considered doing it really? Well, looks like someone did think about this seriously & he/she seems to have done it by killing Vardan Kushnir, Russia’s notorious spammer who bombed almost all of 17.6 million online Russians in the country, as well as other Russian speaking people in places as far as California, USA and Canada!! Kushnir was found dead in his Moscow apartment on the Monday(25th July 2005) morning, the reason for his death being his head smashed with a heavy object!!

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Basics for Surviving Online!!

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Surviving Online? Am I joking?

Yes, I did say “Surviving Online” and for your sake I hope you won’t take me to be a mad delinquent who’s pulling a fast one on you.

Some of my friends, known-ones have been using internet for quite some time but are quite illiterate in the art of surviving in cyberspace. I hope to address some of the most common issues right here, right now, so better be careful and attentive. What I’m gonna tell you is nothing new, you’ve probably heard or read it at numerous websites or forums or from other people and you probably never took it seriously. Well, I hope that you better take it seriously here if you don’t want to suffer the displeasures of the unlikable.

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AJAX? Another fad?

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What is AJAX? Its a buzzword? Its a fad? Yes and No. Its cool if you know what it is, its a fad if you don’t know what it is. Possibly there’s not a single web-designer or developer on internet who’s never heard of AJAX, & thats just about it. A lot of them have heard about it quite a lot & quite often but just a few know what it really is. Though the number of people aware of the meaning of AJAX is quite less, the number of people buzzing with the word, as if they are the know-it-alls on the subject of AJAX, is quite quite high.

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Cheap Publicity? Sure, why not!!

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In the name of FREEDOM OF PRESS & SPEECH, we puncture your public image

License to Kill(public image)

Sounds familiar? Yeah, these should apply to the Indian Media & Press which will do anything, try the dirtiest of tricks which are not even in the books, all just to sell their crap. 🙄 Its all about the $$$$$ baby!! 😯

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FireFox users Vulnerable!!

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FireFox users using v1.0.1 or earlier of the browser that took the web blitzkrieg style, are vulnerable to point of their computers getting out of their control, reports c|net.

As noted in the news story, versions earlier than FireFox v1.0.1(including v1.0.1) had a bug because of the way it handled GIF images. An attacker/hacker can take control of a computer by making the un-knowing user to open a malicious GIF image from either a web-page or by way of an eMail. This bug was fixed in FireFox 1.0.2 and 2 more bug-fix updates were released after that, but the code to exploit this vulnerability has been released on internet, so users still hanging on to v1.0.1 should upgrade real fast, ie., only if they want their computers to remain in their control!! 😉

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UNIX un-safe?? Yes!!!

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Its true, the OS that was considered as safe as a vault in the Oval Office, its now open to attacks and possible Computer-Jacking, thanks to the great software from Adobe. Its Adobe Reader, used for reading the popular PDF documents, for UNIX, versions 5.0.9, 5.0.10, that has a security flaw that can allow a hacker to possibly take over a computer’s control by having a gullible user run a malicious PDF file, reports Yahoo! News.

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