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Making a Java EXE ??

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Deploying desktop applications written in Java has always been a problem. Having experienced them myself numerous times, I can say that its a nuisance that has to be tolerated. 😡

But not anymore. JSmooth is here to smooth out your experience as well as that of your client. Its a wrapper which creates Windows EXE files from Java JAR files, so that all the end user has to do is double-click the EXE file like in case of any other software. This EXE will automatically detect any version of JVM which is installed on the host machine & run the Java application. If JVM is not found, like a gentle-bot, it opens the user’s browser explaining how they can get JVM. 😀

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Sky Captain & the World of Tomorrow!

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This movie, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, its coming September 17. What do you think? I just saw its trailer & it looks like typical sci-fi movie, with the environment etc. giving the feel of a video game. 😀

Starring Jude Law, Gwyneth Paltrow & Angelina Jolie, this looks like a host cast movie. 😀 And what’s more, Angelina Jolie stars like an old one eyed Pirate Captains, with a patch on one eye. 😀

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CSS, here I come!!

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Its been a lot of time & I’ve hung on to the <table> tag for quite long. I’ve even argued fiercely whenever a CSS stylist has tried to advocate CSS based layouts & damned the tables.

Frankly, I’ve looked at several tutorials on creating a CSS based layout but they haven’t convinced me yet. They were sort of quickies when someone as dumb as me want to know anything & everything in a bit detail & with good explanations. So I thought that it isn’t time to move on yet. 😀

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Simply Outrageous!!

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Well, yes, that’s what it is.
Consider this……
Ever since I started blogging here from April 1(yes I’m sure of it), the visit-count at this blog have been around 15000+ per month, except in May when it dipped to 14400+. July saw the count rise to 17622 but what surprised me most, heck, astounded me, was that the count rose to 35127 in August!! 😯

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