Canned Atropine!!

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Event Less April Fools Day!!

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The April Fools day went smoothly without anyone taking me for a ride, unless ofcourse you count Jeremy taking me & a lot of other people for ride. 😀

Not one of the jokes that I thought would someone dare to play, since it can turn out to be a double edged sword & slice you back. 😉

But will some people listen? I don’t think. 🙄

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A Coincidence

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After having setup my Blog & making some changes(satisfying my thirst for perfection, at least for the time being) 😉 , I noticed that its April 1st already.

So, I made my first post on my all new Blog on April Fool’s day? 8) But c’mon, this is not some fool’s joke(atleast I don’t think myself as fool, 8) but then you are free to think otherwise). 😉

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Finally after 4 years!

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After a period of 4+ years(which seem to have passed as if ages), 😉 I’m Blogging again & ofcourse, this is my Blog. 😀

A little more than 4 years ago, I started my first Blog at Blogger & made a few posts. But never got along with it, due to busy schedules etc., not that I’m not busy at present. 😉
Also, I guess that the concept of Blogging wasn’t that popular at that time.

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