Canned Atropine!!

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Golden Ticket!!

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Yay, I got the Golden Ticket today finally!! I had put in my email sometime back & then forgot about it(so I wasn’t waiting). And today when I checked my email, it was there, sitting in my Inbox. Here’s what it said:

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away you entered your email
address on to get a blog.

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Made for iPod!!

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There are many reasons why I hate Apple and more reasons for why they suck bigtime!! And here’s one, the “Made for iPod” program by Apple, under which, every accessory maker whose devices connects electrically to iPod will have to pay a royalty to Apple, c|net reports.

So why does Apple suck? They can’t see other people making money, especially if its based on their device!! Now this is like Microsoft started charging a royalty on every software made to run on Windows, imagine how big an outrage it’ll be!! 🙄 Sure they have the “WindowsXP Logo” program which allows you to display a “Made for WindowsXP” logo on your product but its not compulsory & you are not forced to take part in it. So why Apple is forcing it? To make a quick buck, ofcourse, wash hands in the running water you know!! Speculation say that the bounty is as high as 10% of the wholesale price of each item. Now this will only mean increase in the prices for iPod accessories, as if they weren’t already expensive!! 🙄

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Samsung a cheat!!

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Yes, apparently so, as Samsung, the largest maker of memory chips in the world, will pay $300 million fine for being guilty of conspiring with its rivals in the $7.7 billion US market & fixing prices and thus cheating customers, the result of a three year investigation by the Justice Department, Yahoo! reports. 👿

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A tour to ancient Rome!!

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Yes, its true!! You can now tour ancient Rome…..virtually that is!! 😉
More on it here at Yahoo! News, better read it there as well, since I still have to figure out what all that meant besides being a 3D virtual reality tour of how Rome supposedly was!! 😕 😉

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Look Ma..... the ad is moving!!

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Yes, come 2007 & those might be the words that come out of your mouth when you see an advertisement in a print magazine. As Margaret Kane posted on Blogma, the German electronics maker Siemens has come up with paper thin TV Screens that can be put in a newspaper or magazine!! 😕

So these screens can show moving pictures, the same way magic photos appear to be in Harry Potter stories!! 😉 A spokesman for Siemens said that these screens would likely start as ads in high-end magazines & further elaborated

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Noise, fireworks, joy..... its Dussehra!!

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Lord RamYes, crackers are burning, the bursting sounds, fireworks, the lighting, the prologue to Deepawali, Dussehra is symbolic of the victory of Good over Evil, celebrated as the day when Lord Ram killed the Demon Ravan.

But the celebration is good only when you get the message the occasion imparts, Kill the Evil spirit in yourself. Otherwise its no good burning the crackers, lighting fireworks!! But then who cares? Yeah, that’s right, people hardly care!!

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Bad Behavior!!

Posted by on in iDevelop | 3 comments

No, this is not a rant about someone’s Bad Behaviour, but the Bad Behavior plugin for WordPress!! 😉

I’ve just installed it & lets hope it’ll stop the bandwidth wastage to some extent, its really getting out of hand as the domain almost used 2GB of bandwidth last month, with more than half of it going to this blog only, most of which was due to referrer spam!! :curse:

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MS-Office 12 to support PDF!!

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The next version of Microsoft Office, v12 which is due out at the end of 2006, will support creation of PDF files from various Office tools like Word, Excel, Powerpoint etc., reports Yahoo!

Up until now, people have to rely on third party tools to create PDFs from their Word documents or Excel sheets, many of which are commercial ranging from $20 to $450, the most popular(& most expensive) being Adobe Acrobat. A few of them are also free, like pdf995, PrimoPDF, CutePDF Writer.

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