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Blogger to go Multi-Lingual

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One of the earliest Blogging sensations & the most widely used hosted Blog service, owned by Google) will soon be available in your own lingo. Yes, that’s what Blogger Team Member Biz Stone wrote on GoogleBlog.

About time I’d say, this is a great step forward, indeed. Like Stone, I also felt amazed at how so many people from different languages managed to ind their way around with an English only interface. Though I haven’t had the fortune to come across many non-english blogs, but I’ve come across some of them & though I couldn’t understand what they said, some of them looked quite good. So like Stone, I now imagine what would happen if the users can get the interface in their own lingo?? 😕

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Hit Them & Hit Them Hard!!

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Yahoo! has officially begun the big war on eMail SPAM by implementing its Domain Keys System on eMails going out from its servers, reports c|net.(via MarketingVOX & Webmster’s Weekly)

The Domain Keys System proposed by Yahoo! is backed by Earthlink & Google. In this system, the eMail server attaches a digital signature with all outgoing eMails which can be verified by the receiving server to validate its authenticity. But other big players AOL & Microsoft have teamed up & have proposed their own system, AOL’s SPF & Microsoft’s SenderID. Both Yahoo! & Microsoft have filed their technologies with Internet Engineering Task Force to make their technologies the global standards.

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Fianlly MSN gives in Space, but its BIASED!!

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Fianlly, months after when it intended to increase the free Inboxes to 250MB, MSN has given in & scores of free Hotmail users got the pleasant surprise, reports Wired.

But this generosity has been extended only to users from US, UK, Japan, Italy & Australia. Why this bias? :curse: Aren’t users from other countries worth 250MB? :curse:

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Colouring Background Image!!

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The latest issue of Macromedia Edge newsletter featured a great Fireworks tutorial. Its about colouring background imagery by Alan Musselman.

I’d have to say that those images in which foreground subject is in full colour & the background is Black N White, look real good & I wondered that it must be somewhat difficult creating that. But this tutorial changed my opinion.

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Happy Deepawali !!

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Happy Deepawali to all of you!! Its a festival of lights, so light candles & bulbs but don’t light crackers. They pollute the atmosphere & its already more polluted than it is good for our health. 😀 😉

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Biking Me!!

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Yes, I finally got a Bike day before yesterday, a brand new LML Graptor. Its a 5 gear sleek bike with a 150CC engine that churns out 13.5BHP with fuel tank capacity of 17Litres & a max speed of 110KMPH. Quite a lot for me, as driving at more than 40KMPH would mean risking my bike & life as well increasing the possibility of getting a ticket. 😉 The legal limit here in New Delhi is 40KMPH for light motor vehicles. 😀

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Drafting Ahead !!

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Its been quite some time & I’ve received quite a lot of eMails from people asking me when the v2.0 Final of iG:Syntax Hiliter will be released.

Firstly I’d like to express my gratitude to people who’ve taken few moments out of their busy schedule to try & implement my plugin & who are interested in it. Thanks guys, you are the best. 😉

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Shop for SourceCode Online!!

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This news story from PCWorld reports that a group of hackers has re-opened its source code shop online after it was forced to shut down in July, a few days after it surfaced. The shop, Source Code Club, was selling the source code of Enterasys Dragon IDS 6.1 for just $16,000 and the source code of file sharing software by Napster for $10,000. The Source Code Club said that it was selling corporate intelligence to its customers.

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I Envy South Koreans!!

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I stumbled across this old news story at c|net news, which has me gasping for breath & making me jealous of South Koreans. How I got to this news story isn’t important, but this news story is. 😀

As per this news story at c|net news, on an average, the Internet Connection speed in South Korea is 8 megabits per second, in short, its 8Mbps. đŸ˜¯ :dizzy: Its 8 times more than what broadband users get in US, states the news story. 😕 Seems like the americans reading this or those aware of this fact might think that their connection which they thought was broadband, is just infact a narrow, a much narrow band. 😀

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SPAM Prevention with WP!!

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I’ve been hearing a lot of people complaining about how much SPAM they are getting & WordPress being unable to stop them. Well I do sympathise for these people for being victimised by SPAMMERS but they are wrong in blaming WordPress. 🙄 As far as I’ve seen, WordPress has one of the strongest SPAM prevention features out-of-box. 😉 These features are made more powerful by some excellent work by the contributors to WordPress by rolling out great plugins that go a long way in blocking SPAM. 😀

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